The Muslim who Hosted Pope John Paul VI during His Visit to Uganda’s Namugogo Matyrs Shrine 1969

Sherali Bandali Jaffer and his Fairway Hotel in Kampala, Uganda.

Sherali Bandali Jaffer was the Ugandan of Canadian origin who hosted the Pope of the Catholic Church during his 1969 visit. Sherali Bandali hosted the Pope at his house in Kampala’s Kololo neighborhood. After the Pope had left, many people were flocking to Sherali Bandali’s home, where he had hosted the Pope, with the hope of tapping in to the ‘blessings’ that the Pope had left. As a result, Sherali Bandali transformed the home into a hotel. The hotel’s name is Fairway hotel as a way of coping with the increased human traffic. Fairway Hotel is one of the best hotels in Uganda up to date. Sherali is also credited with his immense contribution to the construction of Kibuli and Wandengeya Mosques in Uganda.

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