Sheikh Jawad: Founder and Director, Uganda Islamic Museum and Research Centre

Uganda Islamic museum and research Centre-UIMRC is a novel national organization whose arch aim is to trace, rectify, restore, preserve and document the historical significance of Islamic civilization and heritage to Ugandan’s social, economic, political and cultural development This was after realizing that the historical facts about Islamic influence in the development of Uganda, are either ignored, neglected or deliberately distorted.

The idea of establishing UIMRC sparked off in 2009, when the visionary sheikh Jawad Mbogo picked a dirty photograph of his Eminence the former mufti of Uganda- the late sheikh saad Luwemba from the garage. Hence sheikh Jawad felt the urge to collect and preserve all-important mulism records. In this process a lot of the relevant historical materials were recovered. With enormous art facts at hand, in 2012, the vision bearer –Sheikh Jawad Mbogo conceived to establish UIMRC for proper preservation of the Islamic Heritage in Uganda. He cherished the idea for long time consulting various authorities, organizations and individuals more especially the ministry of Tourism, wild life and Antiquities (Uganda Government), Uganda Muslim supreme council (UMSC) and the Islamic University of Uganda (IUIU).

In 2013 UIMRC was registered as a non-Governmental, non-profit making organization with Uganda registration services Bureau URBS. In 2014 UIMRC we staged an exhibition at UMSC National Headquarters (Gadaffi National Mosque) old Kampala.

In 2017, with the Directors assistance, Hajji Juma kayiwa miitii and Hajji swalleh Sowedi, UIMRC secured and leased premises in Kitende town council along Kampala – Entebbe road. UIMRC is housed with the following Galleries:

Uganda Islamic hall of fame
History of Islam in Uganda
Formation of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council
International hall of fame
Sports Heritage
Organization of Islamic Cooperation
Civil Aviation  Gallery
Muslim PHD holders in Uganda
Women’s Gallery
Inter-religious council of Uganda (IRCU).
Uganda Independence GalleryNews papers Muslim Achievers Gallery
East African community
Salient events
Artist and Musicians
Muslim leaders 
Kampala city Gallery

UIMRC was officially launched on the 5th July, 2018. The Chief guests were Dr. Ibrahim matovu, Dr. Anas Kalisa and prominent Egyptian guest Dr. Eng. Jamal. Here Dr. Matovu Ibrahim was requested and accepted to give UIMRC organizational steering leadership. Hence the first UIMRC stakeholders meeting was held on Monday 29th October, 2018, chaired by Dr. Ibrahim Matovu.

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