The Story of Jubbah Bequeathed to Sheikh Jawad

On the left is Sheikh Jawad Mbogo receiving the Jubbah from Sheikh Tarik Abdul Basit

The Jubbah is one of the attractions in the museum. In 2000, a Pakistan bidder offered USD 2 million for to acquire the Jubbah, but Sheikh Jawad preferred to retain it for Uganda Islamic Museum and Research Centre. Originally, the Jubbah belonged to former prominent Koran reciter, Late Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Swamadu of Egypt, who traveled throughout the world reciting the Holy Koran in front of mammoth crowds. In 1976 he visited Uganda’s, on invitation by the then president Idi Amin Dada, for Maulid festival held at city square Kampala. The Jubbah was gifted to Sheikh Jawad Mbogo, the founder of Islamic Museum in Uganda, in 2016 by the son of Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Swamadu, called Sheikh Tarik Abdul Basit. The 1976 Maulid remains the best Islamic festival held in Uganda. It attracted participants from all over the east African region, beyond, and from across religions including Christians. During the Koran recital, people were overcome with joy with some being moved to tears. It is important to note that the chair of the organizing committee of the Maulid, the former Kampala Mayor Walusimbi Mpanga, was a non-Muslim.

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